Diane Ward
Mixed Media Artist
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Artist Statement

I am an artist who has retired from oncology nursing. I experience great joy in creating art that explores the connection people have with each other, with nature and with that universal force that has the power to transform our lives.  Using color, texture and shape, I begin each piece with an artistic vision, a concept that often comes to me in the early morning hours.  I work primarily by layering papers on canvas, adding textures and natural elements and finally color that conveys the emotional content of each piece.  My hope is to remind you, the viewer, of something meaningful in your life.  Each piece of art means something special to me.  You may find a different meaning in each one.

My mixed media art is created by layering, on a canvas, many kinds of media including paint, paper, pen, pencil, found objects, painted papers, words, gels, photo transfers and anything else I may find.

This piece, Imagine all the People....., was created using molding gels, acrylic paint, and a transfer of a charcoal drawing done years ago.


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